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Finally, the only web subscription U need

No job posts. No managing employees. No headaches. Get unlimited web services for a flat monthly fee.
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Our Process

Streamline your website related needs with flexible creative subscriptions and expert execution – hassle-free.
Choose your plan and submit your requests through your personal Trello board.
Receive your work
within 2-3 business days on average, depending on complexity.
Enjoy unlimited
revisions until you're 100% satisfied with the results.

Membership Benefits

Enjoy benefits so good that it will blow your mind – U'll never want to search elsewhere again.

Unlimited requests

One task at a time, unlimited requests and revisions.

Fast delivery

We complete your task within 2-3 business days on average.

Outstanding work

Senior level experts ready to work for you.

Fixed monthly rate

The price stays the same every month – no surprises!

Unique and yours

Every website we deliver is unique designed for you.

Flexible and scalable

Scale up or down, pause
or stop your plan anytime.

What’s included

Web design, development, copywriting and more. It doesn't matter if U use all services or just one during your monthly subscription.
Web Design
Submit requests that include the design of new pages, sections, and more (designed in Figma).
Webflow Development
We convert your ideas into an impressive, high-quality Webflow site.
Webflow Maintenance
We're here to help with any support requests. Peace of mind guaranteed.
Copywriting (EN, DE)
Unlock top-tier digital copywriting services. We write words that convert.
Content Writing (EN, DE)
Whether it's blog posts, white papers, or case studies. You name it, we write it.
SEO Consulting
Have a Google-friendly website, perfectly optimized for performance.

Membership Pricing

Pick the plan that's right for U.
No contracts, cancel anytime.


One request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.
Pause or cancel anytime.
Book a Call
  • One task at a time
  • Average 2-3 days delivery
  • Unlimited requests and revisions
  • Quarterly strategy call
  • Trello dashboard
    Pause or cancel anytime


Two requests at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.
Pause or cancel anytime.
Book a Call
  • Two tasks at a time
  • Average 2-3 days delivery
  • Unlimited requests and revisions
  • Monthly strategy call
    Trello dashboard
  • Add us to your Slack
  • Pause or cancel anytime


If you want a new website or redesign an existing site.
Get a tailored offer.
Book a Call
  • Kick-off planning call
  • Weekly strategy call
    Trello dashboard
  • Add us to your Slack

Have questions?

Katrin Peschina
Katrin Peschina

Have more questions?
Book a  free discovery call .

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time employee?

That's a great question! The problem is, that employing full-time senior-level web developers, designers or copywriters comes with an annual cost exceeding € 100.000, in addition to benefits and the challenge of finding available candidates. Moreover, you might not always have enough work to keep them busy, leading to paying for unutilized time.

Subscribing for one of our monthly plans provides you with the freedom to pause or cancel whenever necessary, ensuring you only pay when you have work that needs to be done.

How do I request work?

The most common way to submit requests is directly via Trello. There you can share any type of files such as Google docs, PDFs, wireframes or even a recorded Loom video (if you would rather not write out your briefs).

How does the pause feature work?

We understand that there may be times when you don't have enough website-related work to fill an entire month. That's why we give you the possibility to pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

As an example, if you pause the service 20 days into your monthly plan, you'll still have 10 days remaining to be used anytime later.

Is it really unlimited requests?

Yes, definitely. Once subscribed, you can add an unlimited number of requests to your queue. They will be delivered to you one by one.

How long does it take for a task to be completed?

Typically, we complete most tasks within 2-3 business days, while more complex tasks may take longer.

As an example, a simple contact page can be built and delivered in a few hours. And for small changes or feedback rounds, you can expect to receive delivery on the same day.

On the other hand, a full landing page could take up to three days and building an entire website or writing a whole series of blogs will take a longer period. Don’t worry, though. We work fast and are dedicated. Plus, we’ll always give you a clear idea of how long things will take up front.

Who are the people behind Luna Studio?

To ensure you receive top-notch quality and the quickest response time you will work with the Luna Studio founder directly. Everything will be handled by one person – from Webflow development to UI/UX design and copywriting.

What if I don’t like the work?

Don't worry! We'll keep revising the work until you're 100% satisfied.

Is there any work you don’t cover?

Yes, Luna Studio does not cover extensive design such as 3D modeling or animated graphics.

In which languages do you offer your writing services?

Luna Studio provides writing services in English and German.